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Joie Des Roses

Hazel Top (Limited Offer - Silk Scarf Gift)

Hazel Top (Limited Offer - Silk Scarf Gift)

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The Hazel Top, with its incredibly stylish polo design in pristine white, brings a youthful and fresh vibe, perfectly suited for various styles and effortlessly versatile in outfit pairings. Hazel Top has won the hearts of many fashion enthusiasts and has become a must-have item in every wardrobe, especially when adorned with a silk scarf (a limited edition accessory).

This top not only exudes a timeless and trendy appeal but also showcases its adaptability, making it a beloved choice among fashion-forward individuals. The inclusion of a silk scarf elevates its charm, adding an exclusive touch to this already coveted piece.

Available in Whiteย 

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Product Information:

  • Material: Ribbed knit
  • Style: Polo Shirt
  • Color: White
  • Accessory Included: Joie Des Roses Silk Scarf (Limited Offer)
  • Recommended Skirt Pairing (To Be Purchased Separately): Milan Skirt
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