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Khaki Crop Shirt

Khaki Crop Shirt

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Khaki Crop Shirt Jacketย is a basic crop top with Khaki material in neutral colors. Although Nแดแด›สแด‡แด›ย uses a thick Khaki material, it is still soft enough to create wearer's comfort. A special feature of thisย Khaki crop shirt jacketย is that you can wear this crop top shirt in 2 ways, can be worn as a crop top shirt or as beautiful outerwear. You can combine it with a crop tank top or a cropped camisole inside that will make the overall outfit a little more interesting, and mysterious, not too revealing nor too discreet. Khaki crop shirt jacketย has natural cuts which are very suitable for neutral colors.ย 

Available in Khakiย 

Freesize < 65kg (143.4lbs) | Bust < 100 cmย 

Length: 42 cm (16.5in.)ย 

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