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"Saigon in Memories" signature t shirt

"Saigon in Memories" signature t shirt

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Like a time machine, bringing you back to memory, the "Saigon in Memories" signature t shirt on conceptualized and designed by Gon. We have cherished and planned to make a simple, signature t shirt for you, but with a meaning that reminds us of the memory that is flowing in us about Saigon. You will see some familiar images such as stools, coffee cups, etc. that draw and print directly on the "Saigon in Memories" collection

There are many ways for us to preserve old Saigon memories, and the "Saigon in Memories" signature t shirt is how we utilize our passion for fashion to preserve these beautiful memories. Hope you will support us!

Size S: 27 in. (Body) | 19.5 in. () | 12.25 in. (Sleeve) 

Size M: 28 in. (Body) | 20.5 in. () | 14 in. (Sleeve) 

Size L: 29 in. (Body) | 21.5 in. () | 15 in. (Sleeve) 

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