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Soul of A Nation

Unisex Cafe Banh Mi Tee

Unisex Cafe Banh Mi Tee

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Referring to Saigon, it is impossible to not mention a cup of coffee and a loaf of bread - a familiar breakfast of Saigon people. From this simple but typical and familiar, rustic image, SoN has transformed and brought on the Cà Phê Bánh Mì Tee a lovely image of a mini loaf of bread and a mini cup of coffee. These two pretty patches are embroidered with satin thread directly on a T-shirt made of 100% cotton. From the quality of the fabric to the quality of the embroidery, everything is very beautiful and genuine.

Size M: 49 cm (Shoulder) - 54 cm (Chest) - 70 cm (Length) - 24 cm (Sleeves) 

19 in. (Shoulder) - 21 in. (Chest) - 27.5 in. (Length) - 9.4 in. (Sleeves) 

Size L: 52 cm (Shoulder) - 57 cm (Chest) - 72 cm (Length) - 25 cm (Sleeves) 

20.4 in. (Shoulder) - 22.4 in. (Chest) - 28 in. (Length) - 9.8 in. (Sleeves)

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