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Soul of A Nation

Unisex Lost In Dalat Tee

Unisex Lost In Dalat Tee

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Da Lat has always been a place that attracts young people, going to experience, to explore and to find peace. Da Lat is always known as the dream city. The rolling hills, the mists covering the sky make this place a deep sadness scene. The sadness that is not melancholy, but makes us stumble on familiarity and memories that we grow up and mature. Da Lat makes us lost, lost in the dream and maze of nature. From the feelings associated with Da Lat, SoN designed the Lost in Da Lat shirt with two versions of sweater and T-shirt.

Both versions will have the same design image. On the front is the words "Lost in Dalat" with the highlight of a yellow chrysanthemum flower. The back also has the same design, the letters will be printed a bit larger. Images are designed and printed by hand with high quality.

T shirt Lost in Da Lat in White | Blac

Size M: 49 cm (Shoulder) - 54 cm (Chest) - 70 cm (Length) - 24 cm (Sleeves) 

19 in. (Shoulder) - 21 in. (Chest) - 27.5 in. (Length) - 9.4 in. (Sleeves) 

Size L: 52 cm (Shoulder) - 57 cm (Chest) - 72 cm (Length) - 25 cm (Sleeves) 

20.4 in. (Shoulder) - 22.4 in. (Chest) - 28 in. (Length) - 9.8 in. (Sleeves)

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